Our Offering

  • Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency training & workshops
  • Skills development
  • Training & Workshops
  • Assisting people to successfully mine Bitcoin
  • Coaching to help people in your business grow
  • Executive -, business – and life coaching for business owners & spouses

Our Business

We get people to understand and benefit from Blockchain technology and Bitcoin in their business. Furthermore, MyReply specialises in the development of small medium enterprises by offering an extensive service to ensure well trained happy employees, assisting more loyal customers to contribute to the turnover of the business. Optimising marketing spend throughout the value chain with a focus on creating a loyal customer community, ultimately more profit is generated for the informed business owner and their family to enjoy.


Our Potential Clients

Primarily the owners of small to medium enterprises in need of a rethink regards to marketing, training and support to provide their customers with WOW service and to include cryptocurrency as means of payment into their business. Secondary we assist people to successfully mine Bitcoin and alternative coins.


The Frequency Of Our Offering

Includes an office in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria where we do our research and take care of the administrative stuff. We have service agreements with various lecture rooms nationally to be able to service our client base across South Africa. Our contracted panel of professional facilitators and coaches, deliver high quality, relevant interventions tailor made for each business as training is not a one size fits all. We network extensively across the whole of South Africa.

Who is the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tutor of South Africa, Danie van Zyl?

Danie is a professional business, financial, human capital leader presenting and sharing his leadership and executive management experience spanning the FIAT currency environment. His special skills entails building human capital capability and performance through training, development, coaching and mentoring. He lectured Post-grad at university and developed processes, training manuals and workshops for various listed financial institutions and companies. After studying and getting to grips with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Danie is focussing on educating people with regards to the new technology and payment system. Join our newly created Linkedin Group: MyReply on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies here.

Danie van Zyl

Our Vision

Impacting people by uplifting their community financially through establishing a vibrant local economy build on the healthy turnover of numerous small and medium enterprises, effecting change in South Africa.

Our Mission

Empower the small to medium business owner with the strategy, tools and skills to generate more turnover and profit, to create vibrant employment opportunities, to provide customers with excellent service and to encourage every individual in the value chain to be a better person today than they were yesterday. Uplifting the community, improving the life of the children and creating a wealthier people.

Our Values

Based on our founding scripture verse in Psalm 78:72 ‘So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.’ The Maxwell Leadership Bible, John C. Maxwell

  • pursue excellence
  • never settle for average
  • pay attention to detail
  • uncompromised integrity and sound ethics
  • have unconditional positive regard for people
  • be congruent to self and others
  • have empathy
  • never stop improving
  • Live your dream

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