Business – and Life Coaching for the Business Owner and/or Spouse of the business owner

Life happens to all, but for some, taking control and making life happen for themselves and others are the reason for their existence and business. Making things and business happen takes a lot out of a person and sometimes it helps to take time to talk to a life or business coach.

Coaching is a people helping discipline creating helping relationships between the parties; utilising the story of one, the willing ear and heart of the other, combined with the experience of both to create a better outcome for all involved. The business coach is a sounding board to the business owner, an ear to listen with unconditional positive regard for the person, with the skills and experience to facilitate the setting of milestones in the growth path of the business.

The business owner in need of assistance in identifying the true ‘why’ for them self or their business will find great value in time with a coach. The business coach can fulfil the role of a business partner without the complications of having a business partner when it comes to decision making and goal setting for the business. Listening to hear and not listening to react, with an open experienced business mind, unlocking and utilising the answers from within the business owner to shed light on the issues at hand, the business coach supports the business owner in person and in business.

For most of my adult life I was in the business of training and development of people, helping people (coaching and mentoring in my community) was my way of giving back to my fellow man. My amazing wife Valerie, who shares my love for people and the coaching and mentoring of people, and I together attended a year of Life Coaching workshops at Balance4Coaches in 2014. This experience not only strengthened our relationship and our understanding of self and each other but also provided us with the necessary tools and methodology to better the outcomes in coaching the business owner and the spouse of the business owner.

My Reply offers;

  • Business – and Life Coaching for the Business Owner,
  • Business – and Life Coaching for the Management Team in the business,
  • Life Coaching for the Spouse of the business owner as well as
  • Life Coaching for the Employees in the business.