You can have the InfiniteEdge on your currency exchange decisions

If you DO NOT currently have a system for making your exchange decisions, you are losing money. 

My Reply has an agency agreement with InfiniteEdge and thus market and install their software nationally.

Start using InfiniteEdge to exchange at optimal times. Contact us now for a more detailed presentation and software installation. We will teach you how to use the software and one of our trained Agents will work with you and be there to answer any questions you might have.

InfiniteEdge was developed in 2007 and we are always working on making it work more accurately and efficiently based on the feedback and requests from our clients. When you must make an exchange to make a payment or to exchange money that was paid to you in another currency, InfiniteEdge will tell you when you are in your optimal exchange window.

The good news is that we do not have to be 100% correct in our predictions to defend ourselves against market fluctuations. If we use for our decision-making process a good mathematical and statistical model, with a proven positive EDGE, we will do very well over the long run. You do not have to be correct every time you trade if you are right when it matters. InfiniteEdge helps you to achieve this by identifying patterns in the forex price, created by mass psychology and market sentiment. InfiniteEdge is defensive in that it will protect you from suffering enormous losses by exchanging too early or too late. You are welcome to visit the InfiniteEdge webpage on