Not sure about the future of Bitcoin?

My Reply to people not sure about the future of Bitcoin: It is just a lack of understanding the future of Blockchain technology driving the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency value and market.

Understanding and lecturing most of my life in the formally regulated FIAT currency environment I had to open an empty box in my head before the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information could find space. I learned that the crypto information does not fit in any of my formal regulated currency environment boxes. You cannot fully grasp crypto with your FIAT thinking as the two are from opposite sides of the coin.

Bitcoin’s reason for existence is primarily to benefit and remunerate those supporting Blockchain technology by confirming blocks and Bitcoin transactions in the public ledger. They are called miners, which are very unfortunate for us South Africans as we have a well-developed picture on what constitutes mining and it is not a bot or node running a mathematical algorithm.

Secondary Bitcoin is a fully fledged digital currency to be used as a payment system with a difference as there is no central bank or gatekeeper other than the two-people involved in the transaction. Bitcoin is an international currency with no clearing house or forex exchange rules or borders. There are several exchanges worldwide providing people with the means of transferring FIAT currency into the crypto world as digital currency with low fees and ease of use.

Miners in a worldwide web of nodes supporting the technology confirm and verify the transactions before announcing the transaction to the world in an un-hackable public ledger of record. Sending Bitcoin from peer-to-peer is as easy as sending an email, just a lot safer.

This new technology opens various platforms for innovation as anyone can access the code in the form of open source software freely available on the web. To trade in and use the technology all you need is access to the internet which is also readily available today.

Who can assist me to start mining?
At My Reply we will listen to your individual needs and wants, then propose the best platform for you to mine on, if your circumstances allow for you to be mining. There is no one size fits all policy when it comes to Bitcoin or alternative coin mining. We provide our prospective network of miners with a best practise protocol to follow according their individual situation. They then implement the protocol with – or without assistance from us depending on their time availability and level of involvement in the setup of the mining positions.

We provide continues training and support to our network of miners via a network of Information Sessions, Workshops and Conferences. If you consider Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining as an opportunity, talk to us about the best protocol for you. Like our FB page to stay up to date on important information and the dates to the next training intervention.